Rosetta Stone

Picture of the Rosetta Stone course

Rosetta Stone is a series of software language courses produced by Rosetta Stone Ltd.

The Rosetta Stone Ltd company have been providing software for individuals, companies and agencies for quite a few years.

The courses to learn languages are intended to provide a helpful environment for language learning, as similar as a software can create, to the natural one. The new way to use images, tests, and the combining of recognition of the pronunciation together with reading, helps to get in touch with the new words and expressions that are learned and memorised.

More info about Rosetta Stone software is available in this external article Rosetta Stone.

The courses are also available in the web version Rosetta Stone Online.

If you need information in Italian about these courses you can visit our pages Rosetta Stone and Rosetta Stone Corsi Online, while in French you can view the page Rosetta Stone (French) or also in Spanish Rosetta Stone (Spanish) and in Portuguese Rosetta Stone (Portuguese).

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